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How to Deal with Receiving a Traffic Ticket

  • October 22, 2012
  • Tama Kudman
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Receiving a citation or a traffic ticket can be more than a nuisance.  You may be surprised at the ways that these tickets can affect your right to operate a car.  Most states have a system in place that will determine how many “points” are on your driving record.  Each ticket adds points, and once you reach a certain point, you may find your license has been revoked or suspended.  This involves a fee and the inconvenience of having it reinstated after the suspension period.  Each ticket that you receive and are found guilty of can also work against you in that it will raise your monthly insurance premiums.  These tickets often stay on your record for two to three years, so you may pay a significant amount over this time in higher insurance costs.  But as a citizen of the United States, you have certain rights each time you are issued a ticket or charged with a crime.  Being aware of those rights and the ways to deal with them is essential to securing your future. What To Do?

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How to Deal with Receiving a Traffic Ticket

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