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Aggressive Defense Against The Most Serious Criminal Charges

A conviction on a felony charge can result in a lengthy prison sentence and a life-long felony record, restricting an individual’s ability to work or apply for credit. The stigma of being a felon also affects friendships and family relationships. For prominent business people, physicians and entertainers, the damage to public reputation may be permanent and irreparable. Professionals may also lose their licensure.

The law office of Tama Beth Kudman vigorously defends clients in state and federal courts in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and throughout the nation. Ms. Kudman tackles the complexities of felony criminal defense with fearless creativity. She never gives up on her clients no matter how serious the charges are.

Comprehensive Felony Defense Attorney

Attorney Tama Beth Kudman has extensive experience defending against all categories of felonies, including:

  • White collar crimes, such as identity theft, embezzlement and tax fraud
  • Healthcare fraud cases
  • Aggravated battery, homicide and other violent crimes
  • Sex crimes, including lewd and lascivious battery and rape
  • Drug trafficking and possession
  • Racketeering and gambling
  • Conspiracy charges

Tama Beth Kudman aggressively defends her clients.  to ensure fair treatment by the criminal justice system. Through it all, the advice she provides to her client is given with the client’s best interests, based on her more than 20 years of criminal defense.

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