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Criminal Defense For Florida Businesses Charged With Fraud

Business owners who have been charged with defrauding customers or allowing fraud to occur on their watch turn to Tama Beth Kudman in West Palm Beach for experienced and vigorous criminal defense support. Ms. Kudman has been a defense attorney since 1996. She regularly defends business owners and executives against fraud and other criminal charges in state and federal courthouses across the state. She is prepared to defend anyone against these very serious charges, which can result in heavy fines and a lengthy prison sentence.

Why Businesses May Be Accused Of Fraud

Corporate fraud involves a business treating its customers dishonestly, usually for financial gain. Examples include:

  • Bait-and-switch schemes
  • Failure to deliver promised goods or services after receiving payment
  • Ordering goods or services from a vendor but not paying for them
  • Selling defective or counterfeit merchandise
  • Posing as a charity and accepting donations but pocketing the proceeds

Often, an unhappy customer or vendor will claim to be the victim of fraud because they are unhappy with a transaction or contract, but in fact the accused business acted honestly. Attorney Tama Beth Kudman is adept at getting to the truth behind a complex web of accusations. She protects her clients’ rights in the face of FBI investigations and state and federal prosecutions. Many of Ms. Kudman’s cases settle out of court, but she is a courageous litigator who regularly takes cases to jury verdict.

When A Florida Business’ Future Is At Stake, Contact Tama Beth Kudman

Contact us immediately after you are arrested or charged with fraud, or as soon as you learn your business is under investigation. Call 561-472-0811 to schedule a confidential legal consultation with Tama Beth Kudman.