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“There are not enough words to express my appreciation to Ms. Kudman for excellent honest, service… Though the experience was one of the most horrific of my life, I learned how much a good attorney can mean to a case and to your very life and life style moving forward.”


Criminal Defense Attorney, Tama Beth Kudman regularly appears in the media as a legal analyst for various News Outlets, including WPBF News Channel 10 and WPEC News Channel 9.

The Washington Post

The Coast Guard spent days searching for a man who faked his death. Now he must pay $1 million.
On March, 31, 2015, an abandoned boat was discovered in South Florida waters.The boat was adrift off Lake Worth Inlet, according to plea agreement documents. On board, investigators noticed “several patches of blood.” They found a pair of eyeglasses, which were broken.
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The Palm Beach Post

POINT OF VIEW: Santino disqualified self from county court judgeship
In her run for Palm Beach County court judge, Dana Santino has attempted to disparage her opponent, attorney Gregg Lerman, by stating that she is concerned that he “chooses to represent individuals who commit heinous crimes.” As attorneys, we are equally concerned that an individual who clearly does not understand or respect our system of justice should seek to preside over a county courtroom…Read more →

The Palm Beach Post

Doctor and pharmacist acquitted of steroid charges
In yet another defeat for the government’s efforts to pursue doctors for drug dealing, a federal jury on Thursday acquitted a physician and a pharmacist of dozens of charges that they operated a massive steroid ring…. Read more →

Tama writes on FOX 5 Atlanta:

Confusion over Stand Your Ground Law
The Zimmerman case has become the lightning rod for arguments against the Florida “Stand Your Ground Statute” and the sweeping breadth of its protection for individuals who claim to have used deadly… Read more →